Piia Kilpinen
94700 Kemi

Something about me & my "first step" with Basset Hounds..

My name is Piia Kilpinen, I was born in Helsinki 1964. 20 years ago I moved up north, to Kemi, "City of snowcastle".

I have a four children: Kim (1983), Kira (1988), Kasper (1995) and Karlo (2003).

Each story is born...

My own basset-story started at Christmas 1985, when cute, small Battler Mostly Moody  (Ch.Stromfield Plantagenet x Fi.Ch. Battler Lemoncholyer)  "Moody" (17.10.1985-27.11.1995) came into my life. It was really big love at the first sight! Ten lovely years with Moody was full of love and joy...When he passed away, I thought that I cannot ever again take Basset into my life. But never say never...

Through the years I´ve got also three lovely Scottish Terriers-champion; Mini, Max & Moritz. Max was the last surviving and he passed away 2007, at the age of 14. 

Year 2004 I thought that now is " the right" time to find some "show-quality" Basset Hound and I called to Teija, Kennel Basstrick´s. Sweet baby Mano (Fi.Ch Basstick´s Behave Well) moved to us in July 2004.                                                                         Mano (Dk & Fi.Ch.Huriahhip x Fi.Ch. Basstrick`s All Or Nathing) had a very special nature, he was so kind to everybody, something what I haven´t seen never before.. Unfortunately Mano had a lot of healthy-problems. He died in my arms 06.01.2009 and took a piece of my heart with him. That was ultimately the best for him. I am grateful for the years that we spent together.


My first Basset Hound bitch moved to us in 2007. Mayte (Coastridge Afrodite 15.08.2007-15.01.2013) came from Kennel Coastridge and she have gave me a lot of joy..


...But maybe there is one even bigger reason to go on:Amazing     "Milky"(Multi Ch. ,EeW-06 & EeJW-06 and HeVW-13 Basstrick`s Cool It Down). He has brought me so many magic moments with this hobby that I only could think :

-A Life without Bassets is empty & boring-  


  -Finnish Kennel Club member

 -Finnish Basset Club member 

 -I have also signed The Finnish Kennel Club`s Breeder        













                                           "Milky" & I at Ristiina 24.08.2013