Piia Kilpinen
94700 Kemi




- At the beginning of the year Kira made a little "wintertrip" to 

  Latvia & Lithuania in January with Mayte & Sienna.

  Results are very nice.

   Mayte got Cac.from Latvia and became Lv.Ch

   Also from Lithuania Mayte got her last became Lt.Ch.

  Sienna also got Cac.& BOB from Latvia and she was also BIG4

  Thank you Judge Stefan Stefik


- In May I took Sienna to Piteå all breed

  Sienna got her first Cac.from Sweden and she was also BOB

  Harri Lehkonen was our Judge


- In July we visit again in Piteå with Sienna

  Oh my,that was really nice trip.

  Sienna got her second Cac from Sweden,also Cacib,was  BOB...

  and finally BIG 2!!!

  Thank you so much Judge Maret Kärdi ,Estonia


- At the end of August Kira took Sienna to Ristiina.

  Sienna got her last became Fi Ch.

  ( also Sienna became Lv.Ch at the same)

  Sienna was Bos there.

  Thanks a lot Judge Esko Nummijärvi